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Residence in Bozeman, Montana

Location: Bozeman, Montana
Architect: Dowling - Sandholm Architects
Contractor: Constructive Solutions

This residence constructed in Bozeman Montana was an experiment in achieving a high level of energy efficiency and sustainability, while maintaining a realistic budget. The initial goals were to achieve a LEED and Energy Star certification while not adding more than 5% to the construction cost and not incurring a payback period longer than 15 years.

The end result is a building that achieved an Energy Star and LEED Gold certification (first LEED home in Montana) with a projected 40% energy savings. Additive costs for sustainability measures were held to 5% which should pay back in 13 years or less.

Sierra Pacific aluminum clad windows featuring insulated glass with a triple Low E coating were chosen for this project for two reasons. First, they are a well constructed high performance window with an excellent track record for durability. This was an important factor in the Life-Cycle cost analysis of the building. Second, the sustainable forestry and manufacturing processes used by Sierra Pacific fit perfectly with the overall goals of the project.

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