Add a dramatic statement to a home or commercial building design using our architectural wall systems with all-wood interiors and load bearing structural integrity. These advanced systems feature laminated wood beams that can actually eliminate the need for steel beams in some cases. You can even incorporate our doors, operable windows and structural corner units.

Panoramic performance

A distinctive upgrade over ordinary storefront glazing or aluminum curtain walls, our wall systems are tested to ASTM standards for air and water infiltration and structural wind load performance, and they meet today's energy standards for heat loss and solar heat gain. Their performance and durability have been shown in hundreds of commercial and residential installations across the U.S., Canada and Japan.

Each architectural wall system is custom designed and built specifically for your project with full engineering specifications and shop drawings coordinated by our architectural consultants. Take a closer look at two remarkable styles of these innovative structural building systems.

Photo Gallery

New Clairvaux Monastery | 2

Vina, CA

800-year-old stones and Sierra Pacific's Architectural Wall System make for the perfect juxtaposition of old and new. Master Mason Frank Helmholz completed the magnificent interior of the church using stones from a Cistercian monastery in Spain. The stones were once owned by William Randolph Hearst but were found languishing in San Francisco.

Contractors: Sunseri Associates, Inc. & Collier Group

Architect: Dennis Thompson, dmta architecture

Photographer: Unique Angles Photography, Marcus Berg

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