Aluminum Clad Wood, the best of both worlds

Aluminum Clad Wood Awning


Designed to be open to the outside even when it's raining, our awning windows look and perform beautifully, each custom made by hand to your exact specifications. They are often used alone or beneath a large picture window for ventilation.

Aluminum Clad Wood Horizontal Slider

Horizontal Slider

For areas that need to be kept clear of open windows, or simply for their elegant lines and smooth operation, our space-saving horizontal sliders offer a more contemporary look than a traditional double hung window.

Aluminum Clad Wood Bays and Bows

Bays and Bows

For a design with more character, our multi-pane bay and bow window configurations make rooms feel larger and invite the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Aluminum Clad Wood Bi-Fold


Transform your living space and invite the outdoors in with multiple glass panels that glide smoothly and stack neatly against the wall, creating openings up to 23-feet wide.

Aluminum Clad Wood Multi-Slide Plus

Multi-Slide Plus

Designed to glide into the wall and disappear, our dramatic multi-slide panels are available in pocketing, stacking, single direction, multi-directional and even configurations for 90º corners.

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