Single and Double Hung works of art

H3 FeelSafe Double Hung

The H3 FeelSafe Double Hung brings to market an entirely new solution for building professionals and homeowners in hurricane zone III. This product line successfully marries the smart high-tech design of the H3, with the uncompromising rigors of our FeelSafe impact-rated workhorse.

  • Famous patented H3 Fusion Technology™
  • Both sash tilt in for easy cleaning.
  • DP +50/-60 zone III rating
  • Continuous head and sill, certified mulls and stacks up to 3-wide and 2-high
  • Sizing options up to 48” wide x 84” high
  • Wide selection of insulated FeelSafe impact glazing. Smartly engineered insulated impact glass has the strongest laminated glass on the outside where it won’t get broken by a stray golf ball or sea gull.
  • Standard AAMA 2604 powder coat finish with optional AAMA 2605 finish
  • Choose from four innovative brickmould frames. Each uniquely integrates trim for designer styling, while still taking advantage of a nailing fin installation.    
  • Protected by our exclusive CoreGuard Plus™, the industry’s best wood protection.
  • Many design options available. 

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Choose from 75 finishes in seven design collections with custom color matching available and powder coating technology that leads the industry in color retention, durability and environmental safety.

White 001
Linen* 032
French Linen<br />112
French Linen
Morning Dove Gray 113
Morning Dove Gray
Colonial White 313
Colonial White
Sandstone 003
Beige 335
Tan 043
Gull Gray* 007
Gull Gray*
Seawolf* 044
Fashion Gray 111
Fashion Gray
Slate Gray 045
Slate Gray
Battleship Gray* 321
Battleship Gray*
TW Black 061
TW Black
Black Sable* 060
Black Sable*
Slate Blue 008
Slate Blue
Light Blue 046
Light Blue
Steel Blue* 114
Steel Blue*
Aqua Mist 115
Aqua Mist
Hampton Blue 323
Hampton Blue
Sage Green 005
Sage Green
Teal 047
Hemlock Green 048
Hemlock Green
Patina Green 051
Patina Green
Forest Green 049
Forest Green
Evergreen 009
Green 004
Hartford Green* 050
Hartford Green*
Moss 031
Greek Olive* 081
Greek Olive*
Terra Cotta 053
Terra Cotta
Clay* 026
ICI Brown 056
ICI Brown
Colonial Red* 054
Colonial Red*
Harvest Cranberry 010
Harvest Cranberry
Burgundy 055
Deep Plum 116
Deep Plum
Deep Taupe 077
Deep Taupe
Antique Bronze* 057
Antique Bronze*
TW Brown 058
TW Brown
Bahama Brown* 309
Bahama Brown*
Regal Brown* 059
Regal Brown*
Brown 002
Bronze* 024
Black* 023
* Colors Available in Sierra Pacific Vinyl Offering (14)

Colors on screen may vary from physical colors. See your local representative for actual cladding samples.

Eight select woods are available for your windows and trim.





Red Oak

Mixed Grain Douglas Fir

White Oak


Strong is only one of its strengths.

High-strength, impact-resistant and meeting all ASTM E1300 requirements, our FeelSafe hurricane-resistant laminated glass is engineered exceptionally strong for extreme conditions and everyday comfort. It also reduces the risk of injury to you and your family while protecting the inside of your home from severe wind and water damage. In fact, FeelSafe glass meets some of the highest air, water and structural performance ratings of any window or door in the United States.

Insulated Glass

  1. Flexible installation methods including “through frame” and nailing fin.
  2. Structural sealants throughout for extreme adhesion.
  3. Blocks 99% of UV rays.
  4. Hurricane-resistant laminated glass.
  5. Sealed airspace.
  6. Factory mulling available.
  7. High-strength tempered glass.
  8. Special polyvinyl butyral bonding.
  9. Heat-strengthened or annealed glass.
  10. Heavy duty extruded aluminum cladding.
  11. Extra heavy-duty .05” thick extruded aluminum structural nailing fin standard.
  12. Protected by CoreGuard Plus™, the best wood protection in the business.

Non-Insulated Glass

  1. Flexible installation methods including “through frame” and nailing fin.
  2. Structural sealants throughout for extreme adhesion.
  3. Blocks 99% of UV rays.
  4. Hurricane-resistant laminated glass.
  5. Factory mulling available.
  6. High-strength annealed or heat-strengthened glass.
  7. Special polyvinyl butyral bonding.
  8. Heat-strengthened or annealed glass.
  9. Heavy duty extruded aluminum cladding.
  10. Extra heavy-duty .05” thick extruded aluminum structural nailing fin standard.
  11. Protected by CoreGuard Plus™, the best wood protection in the business.

Smart alternatives in glass include tinted, patterned, obscure and specialty.

Standard Obscure
Narrow Reed
Satin Etch
White Laminated
Beveled Edge
Bronze Tint
Gray Tint
Green Tint
* Some limitations apply dependent on product selected.

Simulated Divided Lites

The look of true divided lite but more energy-efficient, easier to care for and more durable, our divided lites feature a wooden interior bar, internal shadow bar and exterior bar that's aluminum clad or all-wood to match your window. Various widths available.




Grilles Between The Glass

Easy to clean and affordable, our aluminum grilles between the glass achieve the divided lite look with the grille sealed between the panes of glass. This leaves the visual appeal without the interference of the grille.

Grilles between the glass come in your choice of profiles: 11/16" or 1" contour or 5/8" flat. Available in 8 popular color choices.

Grille Configurations

Limitless grille patterns available.

Easy, lever-action locks engage smoothly and securely. Easy-tilt latches simplify window cleaning.

Finish Options

* Special order. Extended lead-time.

Nothing beats a factory finish applied with state-of-the-art equipment under rigorously controlled, ultra-clean conditions.

Sierra Pacific gives you two premium options: Ultra Stain and Ultra Coat.

Ultra Stain is an advanced, multi-step process that brings out all the beauty of your wood interior. Ultra Coat uses a unique, specially formulated paint. Both Ultra Stain and Ultra Coat are so tough, they resist scratching and marring, and so superior, they provide advanced protection against moisture.

*Available on select products only.

Rosettes available in 2.5" or 3.5" sizes in matching wood species.

Prairie Shown in pine 3-1/2" wide
Tradesman Shown in oak 3-1/2" wide
Tradesman II Shown in pine 3-1/2" wide
Craftsman Shown in oak 3-1/2" wide
Continental Shown in oak 3-1/2" wide
Colonial Shown in oak 3-1/2" wide
Regal Shown in pine 3-1/2" wide
Provincial Shown in oak 3-1/2" wide
Tudor Shown in pine 3-1/2" wide
Heritage Shown in oak 2-3/4" wide
Heritage II Shown in pine 2-3/4" wide
Traditional Shown in pine 2-1/4" wide
Contemporary Shown in pine 2-1/4" wide
See your local representative for physical samples.

Sizes are nominal.

H3 Accessory Frame

2" Flat Casing
3.5" Flat Casing
2" Brickmould
2" Ovalo

Add-on exterior trims in matching profiles also available.

2" Flat Casing
3.5" Flat Casing
2" Brickmould
2" Ovalo

Choose from our Aluminum Frame screen or FlexScreen.

Standard Fiberglass Mesh

Our standard charcoal fiberglass screen mesh is framed in aluminum that matches your hardware or clad exterior color. Screens are spring loaded for easy removal.


Hidden and beautifully simple, FlexScreen is the first screen of its kind made of flexible spring steel to fit firmly into your screen track. No screen frames, no hardware, just refreshingly easy installation and removal that fits perfectly every time.

As Featured On ABC's Shark Tank™

Screen Mesh Options

Charcoal fiberglass mesh is our standard.
Designed to maximize your view, BetterVue is woven from small, refined yarns that improve its openness and sharpen visibility.
UltraVue provides a sharper view of the outdoors with more light and air flow to improve indoor air quality.

Fiberglass Mesh

The H3 product line has a continuous head and sill for a water-tight seal in multi-wide units. Several other mulling options are also available.

H3 Mulling Options

Continuous Head & Sill Mull Post

Tight Mull

Plate Mull

More than an approach, an obligation.

The pine and Douglas fir used in our world-class windows and doors is harvested from either our very own California grown forests, certified to the SFI Forest Management Standard, from other forest ownerships that satisfy the environmental protection standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, or from forests certified to the FSC Forest Management Standard. It is for these reasons that Sierra Pacific Windows is one of the only premium wood window manufacturers that can provide a SFI Certified Sourcing Label on every Sierra Pacific wood window and door it produces.

The pay-off? Sierra Pacific windows and doors, crafted from pine and Douglas fir, and our Timber Curtain Wall designed with Douglas fir glulam beams, are 100% SFI Certified Sourcing certified. So even if you don’t ask for or specify FSC Chain of Custody, which meets the LEED raw material sourcing criteria, know that our window products meet the strictest environmental practices required for sustainably sourced material.

Sierra Pacific Windows is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This requires adherence to very strict environmental guidelines and enables us to provide optional chain-of-custody FSC certification on our windows and doors.

As a division of Sierra Pacific Industries, environmental stewardship comes rather naturally. Sierra Pacific Industries owns over 2 million acres of forest land that supplies wood for our products, so from planted seed to delivered window and door, we control every part of the process. This makes complete environmental oversight possible in a way no other window manufacturer can replicate.


World-class windows and patio doors need a world-class warranty behind them. You'll find your new purchase backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Care & Maintenance

Keep your Sierra Pacific Windows looking and operating beautifully over time. If you have any questions about how to care for and maintain your windows and doors, here are some great resource guides.

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