Sierra Pacific Windows California Transparency

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) is committed to and supports the elimination of human trafficking and slavery from the supply chain. SPI’s commitment extends to acting on any known credible information of any actual or potential trafficking or slavery in supply chains sourced in the United States or from other countries. SPI has conducted its own assessment of its supply chain for purposes of identifying risks associated with slavery and human trafficking. In this regard, SPI's primary business segment produces and sells lumber and lumber products sourced from trees grown in the Pacific Northwest of North America, areas that prohibit human trafficking and slavery of individuals. SPI’s supply of logs comes from the United States and Canada. Notwithstanding the source of our raw material, which SPI has considered in its assessment, SPI requires those contractors involved in the harvest and delivery of logs to company locations to certify that their practices comply with all legal requirements. The manufacturing process involves the use of a variety of supplies as well as maintenance items. Vendors supplying materials to the company will be educated about SPI’s policy through this website and are encouraged to certify that items made available to and used by SPI come from sources that are free from human trafficking and slavery. SPI will periodically monitor and share information with employees and suppliers about current developments in the area of human trafficking and slavery. Currently, SPI does not use the services of an independent outside auditor to specifically monitor compliance and verify supply chains with regard to human trafficking and slavery, nor does SPI intend to perform audits of suppliers . In the event that SPI receives credible information indicating that there is any possibility that human trafficking and slavery may be an issue in its supply chain, it will assess whether or not it should engage a third party to assist with an audit. Presently, however, SPI has identified its suppliers and, without audit or investigation, believes that such suppliers are not located in areas and are not businesses of a type that are commonly involved or engaged in, or conducive to, human trafficking or slavery. SPI believes the risk of human trafficking and slavery in product supply chains for those items processed by SPI is extremely low due to the nature of its business and its manufacturing processes. Existing laws and regulations include remedies for violations of federal, state, and local requirements.

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